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Fri March 10
Friday Night Cruise!
Garden Grove Car Show
12905 Main St
Garden Grove, CA
5pm - 8pm
Sat March 25
Buddy Holly's Apartment Tapes
A Musical Discussion 
Coffee Gallery Backstage
Altadena, CA
Call 626.798.6236 for Reservations
3 PM  $20 
Sun April 9
Grand Ole BBQ
Fun for the whole family!
Flinn Springs
El Cajon, CA
1pm - 4pm


J.P. McDermott and Western Bop play red hot rockabilly and rock and roll (and some classic Orbison-style ballads).  With a fun, fresh mix of great songs by the likes of Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and the very early Beatles, plus a bunch of fine original tunes in the same vein, a good time is guaranteed.  But you never know what you’ll hear -- rockabilly influenced everybody from The Beatles to T-Rex to Led Zepellin to Elvis Costello and beyond.  This is no oldies act -- it’s live and vital and rockin’ and real. Back before folks knew it was Rock and Roll they called it Western Bop.
Lucky Stars EP Cover.JPG

Listen to Lucky Stars!

​​​​Click here for links to all the places you can hear it!

It's getting airplay all over the world including on
Little Steven's Underground Garage on
SiriusXM 21 and 721!

You can also buy the physical CD now directly from J.P. 
and have it autographed!


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